The Church of Cannabis in Indiana?

There was a lot of discussion about the laws that came down the pipe in Indiana, specifically the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, which many assumed to be against the LGBT community and their ability to get services for weddings and other such things. Anyhow, there were a few people that tried to get creative with the whole thing, including Mr. Bill Levin, who decided to take advantage of the law and develop a “Church of Cannabis” in order to express his religious freedom.

The whole concept is unique and, because of everything that the RFRA put into effect, it made it totally legal for him to present his views and develop a church that has the main goal of helping people to enjoy the journey of life together, just with the help of a little bit of weed in the process. Some people say that the whole thing was a bit crazy, but they actually had a decent attendance during their first service, and they’re planning on expanding as time goes on.

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Church of Cannabis

Anyhow, how does this play into anything? Basically, the founders of the Church of Cannabis say that, because of RFRA, that they can legally use marijuana, which is currently illegal throughout the entire state of Indiana at this point in time. Why? Because RFRA says that their religious freedoms can’t be infringed upon. Isn’t that an interesting way to look at the law? For as long as laws have been in place, people have tried to find and manipulate loopholes so that they can get whatever it is that they want to get out of it.

What do you think about this whole conversation? Do you feel like Mr. Levin is in the right in proving the point that he’s trying to bring across (both about the LGBT community and about the legalization of marijuana)? Or do you believe that he may be a little off in the way that he’s considering going about the entire process? What do you think this could end up turning into for the state of Indiana for the future?