Body Cameras for South Carolina Cops

Starting on July 1st, South Carolina police officers were required to start wearing body cameras as part of their uniform, after a number of different issues have happened in other police departments all over the country. South Carolina is one of a number of states who have gotten in on this in recent months, and while they’re still trying to get all of the details and regulations straightened out by the end of the year, they at least started wearing them at the beginning of this month.

law enforcement body cameras

The reason that this all started is because of how many police violence incidents have been going on in recent months (contact a Queens injury lawyer to handle your case). South Carolina, like many states, decided to try and take preventative measures in order to try and stop the problem from getting worse. The body cameras have been in use by quite a few different departments over the past few years, but now more states are requiring them.

There are other uses that these cameras could have as well, especially when it comes to crimes that may be committed against cops. Since it’s really hard to get the full story out of eyewitnesses at times, it’s important that we take the time to determine the best course of action and use technology to our advantage. By having such things on tape, it’s a lot easier to find out what exactly happened in a situation and who was in the wrong during it.

There are some people that believe that this is going to become a hindrance to some police officers, but with technological advances, the cameras really aren’t going to take up as much space as you may expect them to. They can clip onto the front of their chest and not be an obstruction. The technology is easy to use as well, so that won’t be much of a barrier, either.

What do you think about South Carolina’s new law? Do you think that it’s something that should be in place, or do you think that things are going a little bit far when it comes to the way police are doing their jobs?