Hands-Free Laws in Massachusetts Going Live

cell phone lawsCell phone lawsOne issue that cell phones have brought is the fact that a lot of people will use them as they’re trying to drive. This has made it incredibly difficult for people to stay safe while they’re out on the road. That being said, several states have put in all sorts of different laws in order to try and thwart things from happening, but Massachusetts has put together some of the strictest laws that are out there to date.

Basically, the laws say that you cannot touch your cell phone while you’re driving. Yes, this even means while you’re sitting at a red light or a stop sign. Your steering wheel is supposed to be the only thing that you’re ever holding when you’re in the car. The only thing that you’re allowed to do is touch your Bluetooth device once to answer your call. Then, your hands need to go back onto the wheel and you need to keep going. First time offenders will be fined $150, and then there will be more fines for subsequent offenses in the future. If you’re wanting to fight your charges, let Montoya Shaffer handle your criminal defense case.

The campaign recently started, so a number of police officers have been quite lenient with everything that has been going on. State officials have put out flashing road signs and other things to help people learn about this new law, but there are still people that really don’t know what is going on or how it may affect them. So, officers have been pulling people over, educating them gently, and giving them a warning. The plan is that, as more people learn about it, the citations and fines will start.

It seems to already be making a difference, and we’ll have to see if the accidents in the state end up lessening because of these changes. What do you think about this change in the law? Do you think that it’s going to end up making a difference, or do you think that people will still try to find ways around it? Leave some thoughts in the comments and let us know what you think.

Should Judges Have the Last Say?

A debate that has been going on for a long time is whether or not judges should have the last say when it comes to exactly what cases that they’re dealing with. It’s especially true when it comes to criminal cases. Obviously, many of these cases have a jury, but does the judge, ultimately, have the final say when it comes to trying to figure out exactly how they want to move forward with a case and what the trial should be?

judge in courtroom

There are a few reasons that this has been so hotly debated. The first is that there are some cases where a jury is going to have a difficult time when it comes to trying to determine the best outcome when it comes to dealing with a particular case, especially if it’s something that seems to hit close to home for some of them. This makes it even more important to have a good Defense attorney in Dallas. In some cases, you may not even be able to find a jury that can make a fair decision without allowing their emotions to come into play too much.

Of course, then there’s the flip side of that. The judge may also have some issues in that way. Even though they’ve been trained to be as objective as they possibly can, sometimes, it just gets to a point where you really just can’t stop your emotions and you end up making a decision that is based on them. That all being said, that’s what the appeals process is for, and perhaps, if the judge had the last say in the initial case, going through the appeals process may be more fair and may give the defendant the fair trial that they need.

This has been debated lately because of a number of high profile cases that ended up going to a judge during the process that they were being taken care of. What do you think? Do you think that, if the judge disagrees with the jury, that they should have the last say? Or do you think that takes away from the entire process that we as a country are trying to promote?

The Church of Cannabis in Indiana?

There was a lot of discussion about the laws that came down the pipe in Indiana, specifically the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, which many assumed to be against the LGBT community and their ability to get services for weddings and other such things. Anyhow, there were a few people that tried to get creative with the whole thing, including Mr. Bill Levin, who decided to take advantage of the law and develop a “Church of Cannabis” in order to express his religious freedom.

The whole concept is unique and, because of everything that the RFRA put into effect, it made it totally legal for him to present his views and develop a church that has the main goal of helping people to enjoy the journey of life together, just with the help of a little bit of weed in the process. Some people say that the whole thing was a bit crazy, but they actually had a decent attendance during their first service, and they’re planning on expanding as time goes on.

If you’re an immigrant in the U.S. who’s been charged with a crime, you’d be best off by getting in touch with an immigration lawyer to handle deferred action.

Church of Cannabis

Anyhow, how does this play into anything? Basically, the founders of the Church of Cannabis say that, because of RFRA, that they can legally use marijuana, which is currently illegal throughout the entire state of Indiana at this point in time. Why? Because RFRA says that their religious freedoms can’t be infringed upon. Isn’t that an interesting way to look at the law? For as long as laws have been in place, people have tried to find and manipulate loopholes so that they can get whatever it is that they want to get out of it.

What do you think about this whole conversation? Do you feel like Mr. Levin is in the right in proving the point that he’s trying to bring across (both about the LGBT community and about the legalization of marijuana)? Or do you believe that he may be a little off in the way that he’s considering going about the entire process? What do you think this could end up turning into for the state of Indiana for the future?

Florida Service Animal Laws

Services animal law

Service animals lawService animals have become an incredibly common thing in recent years, and they aren’t just for those who are blind, deaf, or have issues with seizures. Anxiety service animals are more common than they used to be, as are service animals for those with autism spectrum disorders. All that being said, because there are more animals out there to deal with more health issues, there are also a lot more people who are being fraudulent with their pets.

Florida has decided to step in and try to put a stop to this issue, by charging people with fraud if they are caught being fraudulent with an animal, claiming for it to be a service animal. Now, of course, they put in a provision where that a person cannot be asked for their papers in order to prove that their service dog is a service dog, but there are plenty of other ways for them to figure it out, including digging through and looking through any evidence that may indicate that their service animal really doesn’t do anything for them except provide companionship.

What does this mean for those who have service animals legitimately? Absolutely nothing, to be honest. Florida made the laws lenient enough so that people would not have to worry if their animals are actually considered to be service animals and have the training and the certification to do so. That being said, for those who have been fraudulent with their pets and calling them service animals, it’s time to rethink how you’re taking care of things – there are a number of people who legitimately need the help of furry friends to get through their daily life, and it could make it harder on them if people keep being fraudulent with their supposed service animals.

What do you think about Florida’s attempts to make it so that people cannot fake whether or not their pet is a service animal? Do you believe it’s the right direction, or does something more need to be able to happen to ensure that this doesn’t become a bigger issue?

Body Cameras for South Carolina Cops

Starting on July 1st, South Carolina police officers were required to start wearing body cameras as part of their uniform, after a number of different issues have happened in other police departments all over the country. South Carolina is one of a number of states who have gotten in on this in recent months, and while they’re still trying to get all of the details and regulations straightened out by the end of the year, they at least started wearing them at the beginning of this month.

law enforcement body cameras

The reason that this all started is because of how many police violence incidents have been going on in recent months (contact a Queens injury lawyer to handle your case). South Carolina, like many states, decided to try and take preventative measures in order to try and stop the problem from getting worse. The body cameras have been in use by quite a few different departments over the past few years, but now more states are requiring them.

There are other uses that these cameras could have as well, especially when it comes to crimes that may be committed against cops. Since it’s really hard to get the full story out of eyewitnesses at times, it’s important that we take the time to determine the best course of action and use technology to our advantage. By having such things on tape, it’s a lot easier to find out what exactly happened in a situation and who was in the wrong during it.

There are some people that believe that this is going to become a hindrance to some police officers, but with technological advances, the cameras really aren’t going to take up as much space as you may expect them to. They can clip onto the front of their chest and not be an obstruction. The technology is easy to use as well, so that won’t be much of a barrier, either.

What do you think about South Carolina’s new law? Do you think that it’s something that should be in place, or do you think that things are going a little bit far when it comes to the way police are doing their jobs?

Tips For Getting Through Divorce Court

Through Divorce CourtIf this happens to be your first time going through divorce court, you are likely wondering what will happen during this process. It can be scary and stressful to think about what can happen during divorce proceedings so you need to be sure that you listen to your attorney and be as prepared as you can be. Here are some tips for getting through divorce proceedings.

You will need to dress as professionally as possible when you are headed into divorce proceedings. You do not want to dress inappropriately as you will just end up making yourself look bad in the judge and everyone else that is taking part in your proceedings. You also need to be sure that you are as honest as possible during your divorce proceedings as you want to make sure that everything goes as fairly as possible. You will of course likely not have everything go your way and you need to be OK with that.

Another thing that you need to keep in mind during your divorce proceeding is that you need to be respectful to the judge as well as your ex-spouse and the lawyers as you want to make sure that you make the best possible impression while you are going through a divorce. Keeping your emotions in check so that everything will go as fairly as it possibly can go. Letting your emotions get to you will not only make you look bad it may cause the proceedings to go in the favor of your ex-spouse.

Yet another thing that you want to keep in mind during divorce proceedings is that you should always refer to your lawyer. They will know the best ways to proceed for your case. So if you are unsure as to how your case is going you just need to refer to your attorney to get direction.

Divorce can be a stressful and scary experience, especially if you need to go through divorce proceedings in court. You need to try and stay as clam as possible and as mentioned above always refer to your lawyer if you are concerned or unsure as to how your case is going. You will find that if you prepare yourself your case will go a lot smoother than just walking in blind to what can happen.

Understanding Law Enforcement And Solicitors

The phrase ‘law enforcement’ refers to professionals who enforce and uphold the statutes and laws that cover a specified territory. Some jobs in law enforcement are focused on local areas, whereas others concentrate more on enforcing and upholding nationwide laws. As well as enforcing the law, legal professionals oversee the punishment procedure for those who are found guilty of crimes in a court of law. This includes overseeing the process of imprisonment.

In legal parlance, solicitors are people who have completed law studies and have been approved to practice law professionally. Certain countries divide the law profession into a couple of different categories: barristers and solicitors. Barristers are active court participants, who argue cases in front of judges. In contrast, solicitors deal with legal issues away from the courtroom, offering guidance to clients, getting legal arguments ready, and so on. In addition, they are occasionally used to practice in lower courts.

writing notes idea conference

Law enforcement is far from a new concept. Ever since time began, there were people allocated to sustain the standards of the ruling tribe or government. For instance, in ancient China, protectors or prefects were allocated for this purpose by the authorities. The job of prefects was to offer protection to the public, listen to the facts concerning purported criminal behavior, and levy fines or other types of punishments as deemed necessary.

Countries that have unified legal systems, where people can work out of courts and in courts, might use the word ‘solicitor’ to refer to a regional government’s chief legal officer. For instance, in America, there is a General Solicitor, who lobbies on the government’s behalf in the Supreme Courtroom. Also, other regional and local governments might enlist the services of chief legal officers, who are called solicitors. In addition, regional solicitors can be known as town or state attorneys, district attorneys or prosecutors.

The state and federal government in America are both allowed to devise laws relating to areas deemed suitable by the Consti

tution. Such laws are called statutes or bills and are written in code publications. Providing these government devised rules do not contravene Constitutional parameters or rights, they are valid.

The Fundamentals Of An Explosion Claim

Picture a scenario where gas cylinders explode leading to a fire that consumes everything in its path. While this is not something anyone would love to experience, sometimes it happens and it may have devastating effects. But what happens in the vent of such an explosion? You need to contract the services of an explosion lawyer. This is a lawyer who specializes in cases that involve explosions and therefore they know their way around such a case. What is it that needs to be done?

Cause of the explosion
There are a number of things that could cause an explosion. In some cases, it may be easy to determine the cause within a short time but in others it is complicated and lengthy process that requires extensive knowledge and skills. An explosion lawyer will help in putting g together a great team of experts to get to the bottom of the explosion. Given the lawyer’s extensive work in the area, he or she will know the right people for the job and therefore reduce the time it would take you to come up with such a team.

Operation Upshot Knothole Badger

After the cause of the explosion has been determined, the parties at fault need to be identified. The liability can be sole liability or shared liability where the former means that there is only one party at fault while the latter means that it is possible that different parties played a role in the events that led to the explosion. Determine the liability has a great effect on the level of compensation. As an employee or third party shared liability diminishes the extent of claims you can make.

Filing claims
The explosion lawyer will then assist you in filing claims. As with all other claims, this should be files as soon as possible to ensure that you do not lose or forget important information that could be fundamental to your case. Remember that all evidence must be handled as stipulated in law to avoid damage or contamination. If the liable party denies responsibility, the case can proceed to court. The lawyer will assist with all the documentation and filing.

Compensation is such a sensitive matter. It should therefore be handled with utmost care and expertise. Given the extensive experience your lawyer has in this field, he or she will guide you through out the process and negotiate on your behalf. What matters is working together seamlessly to enhance the success of your case.

The success of an explosion case is determined by the extent of resources at your disposal — to hire the best experts to handle the case- knowledge and experience of the lawyer and the ability of the team to work together. This is why you need to be careful about the team you choose for this.